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Kunming, the capital city of Yunnan Province, China. It is known as “Spring City” owing to the pleasant climate all the year round, no severe cold in winter and also without heat in summer, four seasons’ temperature keep between 3 ~ 29℃.
Kunming is famous for its natural scenery, pleasant weather, four-season flowers and ethnic customs. Here are the places we have visited during my 2 days Kunming tour.

First Stop: Yunnan Ethnic Village, here you can feel Yunnan’s diverse ethnic culture. It is a theme park of sorts–an ethnographic display of the architecture and ways of life of Yunnan’s minority population.

Yunnan Ethnic Village
Yunnan Ethnic VillageYunnan Ethnic VillageYunnan Ethnic VillageYunnan Ethnic Village
The Second Stop: Dianchi Lake, which reputed as the “Pearl of the Plateau”, is a great place to relax and get close to nature, to enjoy the beautiful sunset.

Dianchi LakeDianchi LakeDianchi Lake

The Third Stop: Kunming Expo Park, brings together the world gardening achievements in one park. It includes 34 domestic exhibition park and 33 international exhibition of Park; 112 species of rare and endangered plants, the previous record A1 level the best level of world Horticultural Exposition.
Kunming Expo ParkKunming Expo ParkKunming Expo Park

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