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The Pudacuo National Park, located in the east of Shangri-La, southwest Yunnan Province. It is one of the most biodiversity regions of the whole world containing at least 20 % of the countrys plant species, around 1/3 of its mammal and bird species, as well as nearly 100 endangered species.

Pudacuo National Park

The National Park boasts and preserves many typical characteristics of China’s southwestern region along with various aspects of traditional nomadic Tibetan plateau life. It has its two highlights–freshwater lakes (Emerald Pagoda Lake & Shudu Lake) as well as a visitor center, Tibetan culture villages and pasture views. Park buses (included in the park ticket) frequently transfer between the spots. Summer and fall (June-October) are the best time to visit the park, particularly the azalea blossoms in June and a riot of color in September. >>Shangri-La Tour Guide

Pudacuo National Park

Pudacuo National ParkPudacuo National ParkPudacuo National ParkPudacuo National Park

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