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Misty Gorge, the middle gorge of the Lesser Three Gorges, is also the middle-sized gorge, length-wise, at 10 kilometers, beginning at Tortoise Shoal and ending at the village of Double-Dragon. Misty Gorge is renowned for its many caves with Hanging Coffins, which contain the skeletons of members of the ancient Ba minority group. The Hanging Coffins of the middle reaches of the Yangtze River area, namely, those from around the Three Gorges region, were for the most part made from a single piece of wood, i.e., carved from a tree trunk. No one knows exactly why these ancient peoples practiced this form of burial, whether it was reserved for "royalty" only or whether it was the custom to bury every dead person this way.

Misty Gorge (Bawu Xia) also known as the Iron Coffin Gorge, measures six miles. In the cliff of this section, there hangs a black Suspended Coffin. Because the color of it is like that of iron, the coffin is called the Iron Coffin, hence the name of the gorge. The gorge is characterized by rare rocks on both banks. Some take the form of the monkey fishing for the moon and some look like Kwan-yin sitting on the lotus platform. All of them are full of humor and wit.
Strangely shaped stalactites can be seen suspended below the roofs of caves. Many have formed into grotesque shapes. These and other strange rock formations have traditionally been given names. One therefore passes such sites as Dragon In & Tiger Out, Dragon- Returning Cave, Fairy Peach Peak, Fairy Throwing a Silk Ball, Goddess of Mercy Seated on Lotus Platform, Horse Returning to Mountain, Monkey Fishing in the Air, Piggy Worshipping the Goddess of Mercy, and Suspended Coffin, all of which require a good imagination – which the Chinese apparently have in large measure! – in order to visualize them, though once you "get the picture", you can easily see it again and again. Many of these names refer to fairy tales and to other, ancient Chinese fables.

Misty Gorge, is featured by stalactites in different shapes and various sculptured groups formed on both banks of the river. All you need to enjoy the spectacular sights is a great imagination. During the cruise, you may discover the Goddess of Mercy Seated on Lotus Platform, the Monkey Fishing in the Air, the Fairy Peach Peak and so on. All of the scenes are extremely lifelike, and many are related to fairy tales or ancient legends.

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